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The Church of the Ascension
A Parish of the Anglican Catholic Church
13941 Braddock Road
Centreville, VA 20120
(703) 830-3176
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History of the Old Stone Church

The Church of the Ascension is blessed with a beautiful and historic place of worship. The Old Stone Church has served many throughout its eventful existance.

The main building of the Old Stone Church (Sanctuary and Nave), as shown below, was built by members of the Centreville Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1854.

During the US Civil War (1861 1865), “The Old Stone Church” was the first designated Union Army surgical hospital. The surgical hospital received major casualties from the Battle of Blackburns Ford (1861), and during First Manassas (1861) and Second Manassas (1862).

The Old Stone Church as a hospital was traded back and forth between the medical departments of the Confederate and Union forces with the changes of the battle line.

In 1939 the Centerville Methodist Church took over The Old Stone Church and held services through 1968.

Servicemen returning from WWII built the Parish Hall in 1944-1945.

In 1968 the Centerville United Methodist Church began worship at The Old Stone Church.

The Church of the Ascension purchased The Old Stone Church on St. Nicholas of Myra Day (12/6/1973) and began services in it on the Fourth Sunday in Advent 1973 (12/23/1973).

The Church of the Ascension is one of the founding parishes of both the Anglican Catholic Church and the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic States.
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