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The Church of the Ascension
A Parish of the Anglican Catholic Church
13941 Braddock Road
Centreville, VA 20120
(703) 830-3176
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Kalendar/Service and Activity Schedule
Why we spell Kalendar with a "K"

In case you are wondering why we are spelling calendar with a "K", it is because this is the ecclesiastical version. The word calendar comes from the late Latin "kalendrium" which in turn comes from the Latin "kalends/calends", meaning the first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar. The first of the month - the kalends - was the time that payments of interest were normally due and "kalendrium" was the name given to an account book used to record the details of such transactions. It is as a result of this connection that "kalendar/calendar" came to refer to the orderly arrangement of time as we now know it, but the established church retained the older "K" spelling to distinguish their kalendar from an ordinary list of events. In other words, a kalendar is simply a church calendar!

Colors have long been used by the Church to denote these seasons or days as follows:
White (or Gold) for Christmas, Epiphany Day, the Purification, Maundy Thursday, Easter, Ascension, Trinity Sunday, the Annunciation, the Transfiguration, All Saints', St. John (Evangelist and Weddings;
Violet (not purple) for Advent, Lent, Holy Innocents, Rogation Days, and Ember Days;
Green for the seasons of Epiphany and Trinity;
Red for Whitsunday and Festivals of Martyrs;
Rose for the Thrid Sunday in Advent & Fourth Sunday in Lent; and
Black for Good Friday, All Souls Day & Funerals.
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